Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Closing of the Beast.

Well, we closed this beast of a show last night amidst great fanfare and a stunning sitting ovation. Actually, it was another full house and a very appreciative audience. As I've said before, this show ain't your father's oldsmobile, it's not for everyone's taste; it's a big, full, rich, thinking man's musical, really a chamber opera, and those that 'get it' are generally overwhelmed by it. And it is, upon reflection, the single most difficult role I've done in 30 years on the professional stage.

Our last show was a corker, too. My dear friends Tara Lynn Orr and Colin Walker were in the audience last night, both veteran actors, and they loved it. I can always tell right away. As I walk up to someone that has just seen it, there are usually one of two expressions, either simple confusion or a look very much akin to awe. As actors themselves, Tara and Colin were well aware of what they'd just seen. Knowing that I didn't have to do the show again today at two in the afternoon, I just leaned back and blew it out last night, vocally speaking.

I shall miss this show. I don't think I'll miss DOING this show, but I shall miss hearing this show every night. My opinion of it even five months or so after first hearing it, is unwavering; it is a piece of genius. Easily the most demanding vocal score I personally have ever had to tackle.

Now, I'm not a musical theatre guy down deep, so my opinion is not necessarily expert, but nonetheless I believe that.

It's raining like a big dog here in Los Angeles today. My buddy Jeff and his family are coming in tomorrow for a week. Fortunately, I think the weather is supposed to be mild and sunny for the week following this current storm.

It's been an emotionally tight week here at the Morts household this week. I've been on high alert about this upcoming gig (which I could hear about today, but it looks as though I didn't land it) and Angie has been dealing with a whole other mess. This has been the kind of week when marriages are tested a bit. It has been the kind of week when the words 'unconditional support and love' no longer become a catch phrase but an actual plan of action. And my wife and I weathered the emotional storm together and came out dry and determined, unquestionably devoted, in the end. In short, we had each other's backs.

So, for the first time in a long, long time I will not be waiting in the dark, anticipating lights out, heart palpitating slightly, nerves a-jangle, preparing to charge once more unto the breach. Adding Machine - The Musical is over. And god bless the next Mr. Zero. You have my empathy.

We have a ton of stuff to do today in preparation for the week. Mundane stuff mostly, cleaning, grocery shopping, logistics, etc. But we're both looking forward to it. And tomorrow another audition for me. A fairly big one for another large and highly respected company out here on the west coast. It's for another musical, which I'm not crazy about, but it's a good contract and there are some good people doing it. More about that as it pans out.

And finally, a very fond gesture of appreciation to the stalwart and staggeringly talented people with whom I've just shared the last five months of Adding Machine: Ron Sossi, Alan Patrick Kenny, Kelly Lester, Christine Horn, Rob Herring, Travis Leland, Nick Tubbs, Mandy Wilson, Alan Abelew, Greta McAnany, Chris Myers, Scott Director, Jennifer Palumbo, Katherine Hunt, Chris Schultz and Beth Hogan. My eternal gratitude to them all. They are all at the peak of their considerable professional powers in this wild and wacky world of bigtime theatre and I simply could not be prouder to have been associated with them. You, all of you, are the stuff dreams are made of. Godspeed. I'll see you all on the boards again very soon.

See you tomorrow.

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Kelly Lester said...

Thanks Clif. I miss us already. Our little group always made my heart sing. And the tune had no zeros or tricky beats. Just a lot of joy. I'll be seeing you ;) xo