Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Night in the Mountains...

Angie and I travelled up to the mountains (well, I call it 'the mountains' cause it seems rather high) to have a wonderful dinner of bar-b-q pulled pork and watch a jazz concert yesterday.  I ate way too much (it was way too good, so there) and then we drove over about a mile to the outdoor concert.  The jazz quartet was really good, the evening was entitled 'a salute to old blue eyes' which seemed to come as a shock to the quartet.  Apparently no one had bothered to tell them they were saluting old blue eyes and at one point the pianist said, "This is turning into a Sinatra night with all these Sinatra requests."  Nonetheless, it was great stuff.  Afterwards we went back to Don and Donna's place (Don and Donna Diekens, two of our dear friends out here in LA) and were introduced to Wii.  We did some Wii boxing (which is like a Jane Fonda workout) and then some Wii bowling (which brought out the competitive nature in me.  A lot of fun.  I really enjoy hanging out with Don and Donna.  They live in an absolutely drop-dead beautiful apartment in a gated community up there in the mountains.  Donna is a former show-biz type, terrific singer, and Don and her have been together since World War I.  Great couple, really funny and smart people.

Setting up a picture perusal with my new commercial agent, the really funny and professional Joan Messinger, this Tuesday.  Finally getting that stuff done and ready to be sent out.  Fingers crossed.  I think I'm going to enjoy working with Joan as my agent.  She's top of the line out here in the commercial business.

Angie's brother and his wife are coming into town from San Diego today.  We're going out to eat tonight at some very famous burger place here in town (I forget the name).  I've met him once before, nice guy, so we're looking forward to that.

In the lull here between signing with the new agents and actually starting on new projects so there's not a lot to report on the professional front.   Next week things should start hopping again.  So it's chore day here at the Peabody/Morts residence.  Mundanity at it's very sweetest.  Maybe I'll re-tar the roof.

See you tomorrow.