Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Quiet Before the Storm...

Ange and I headed up to the mountains to our friends Don and Donna again yesterday.  They have a great pool and a super cool hot tub that Angie has been dying to "lay out" next to for some time.  Frankly, I've never really gotten the whole "lay out" thing.  That is to say, tanning.  While Donna and Ange were turning themselves meticulously next to the pool like precisely timed omelettes, Don and I went through Donna's music and watched a show on their cool HD TV about how furniture is made. I found an easy tune to sing for the sixteen bars for the "Happy Days" audition and at the same time learned how to make a cherry wood shoe rack.

Afterwards we trotted over to a great little pizza place and gorged ourselves on really cheesy pizza.

The audition for the Howard Cunningham role is literally around the corner from us here in Burbank on Monday, although the theater itself is in Thousand Oaks.  Also today dropping off a pic and res to The Colony Theatre in Burbank (this is where my buddy, Jim Barbour, did his Christmas Concert this past December) for an Equity production of the old chestnut, Bell, Book and Candle.  It's a beautiful theatre, The Colony, and probably the closest Equity house to where we live, so it would be cool to get my foot in the door over there.  I've been told they put up some fairly respectable work over there.  It's not a very large house (the AEA contract is not too lucrative) but it's a great place to work in terms of AEA stuff that's close.

Finally got my site up for LA Casting under the auspices of Pinnacle Commercial Talent, my new commercial agency.  Hopefully, that will come to some fruition soon.

So next Thursday we're off to old Springfield for a few days and the big engagement party at Angie's parent's place.  Angie is very excited about it.  We'll be seeing a ton of old friends and cohorts we haven't seen in ages.  I suspect it will be a whirlwind of activities for us, not the least of which is a promise to attend an "all you can eat" cashew chicken place.  Now, this might not excite the average Joe, but I'm already fantasizing about it.

Professionally speaking, I'm in the quiet before the storm.  I'm up and running with my two recently acquired agencies and both are gearing up to start submitting me for various projects.  Once we return from Missouri I'm guessing things will really start to heat up for me.  I'm ready and eager for this.

The times, they are-a changin'.

See you tomorrow.