Monday, March 8, 2010

On the Oscars and Chili...

Well, had a host of people over last night for The Oscars. Fun time. Had ballots at the door, everyone keeping track of their picks throughout the evening. My buddy, John Bader, won first prize with the most correct picks. Fortunate for him, he happened to be a big Hurt Locker fan. I cheated and went on the internet to see what the critics were picking. I was near the bottom of the pack in points at the end of the evening. Serves me right.

The presentation held few surprises for me. I'm so glad Jeff Bridges finally won. He has long been a favorite actor of mine. My favorite Bridges performance is one few people remember: he played The President of the United States in a movie called The Contender. Loved him in that. And of course there's always The Dude.

Even though Meryl Streep didn't win, I liked the fact that nearly every actor there gave her a tip of the hat.

I remember years ago I won an acting award. Chicago. When my name was announced I got onstage and got my award and said, "I refuse to accept this award because of the way the musical theatre community has treated the American Indian throughout the years." Some laughed, some didn't get it.

And the secret to my famous chili? Three kinds of meat: Ground beef, chorozo and smoked sausage. Three kinds of beans. Very thick. The spoon must stand by itself in the middle of the pot when it is finished.

Great time, great friends, great chili.

See you tomorrow.