Monday, April 11, 2011

Waiting for the Next Big Gig...

I've unexpectedly found myself with a new management team here in LA. Entirely about film and television submissions. And, let's face it, LA is a camera town, not a stage town, as exasperating as that is now and then. Although to be sure, there is certainly some fine stage work being done here and there. The Geffen is constantly doing good work on stage. And not, like a lot of theatre companies, just once in a while, but consistently. Currently they're producing Jane Anderson's new controversial script about the sex industry. I've read the script, in fact, and it's really good stuff. I look forward to seeing it come alive onstage.

The Geffen may be the most beautiful regional theatre complex I've ever seen. And I use the word 'regional' loosely these days because the time of New York producing the hottest new plays are decades behind us. I was at The Geffen a couple of weeks ago for a meeting with the resident casting director there and I was reminded all over again just how stunning that facility is.

In any event, through a series of surprising conincidences I'm become involved with this fairly high-end management company. So...we shall see what we shall see. I can't really say a lot more at this particular time for a number of reasons, but suffice to say I'm very excited by it all and much encouraged. LA is all about who reps you. Unlike New York and Chicago, in this town the cream doesn't always rise to the top. Sometimes it simply sits, coagulated and static, in the middle of the cup unless the right people are repping you. A bit sad but undeniably true.

I've decided to get back to my original screenplay today. I've put it on the backburner for a little while and I'm sort of inspired again. Although absolutely nothing like it, I was initially moved to write the piece after watching, for the second time, the film 'Sideways.' It's a very funny, very smart film starring the always interesting Paul Giamatti. If you haven't seen it, I heartily recommend it.

It's funny because I've turned down a lot of projects lately in order to be availabe for some other possible gigs. It's very much an LA mindset. It goes against my professional grain, not taking jobs I think I might like but to rather wait for one that might 'make a splash.' Nonetheless, it's the right thing to do. I was chatting with a close buddy the other day and he was suggesting I do exactly that. "Stop doing good work and wait for big work," was the exact quote. Sometimes it's maddening, to be honest.

And so it goes.

See you tomorrow.