Friday, August 6, 2010


I had my audition for the "wise and witty" wizard yesterday in Hollywood.  The one for the new video game.  I rather doubt I'll be called back.  Not because the reading went badly, quite the contrary, it went fairly well.  But because when I got there I noticed it was me and about ten other guys that looked like variations of Ian McKellan's Gandalf from Lord of the Rings.  Tall, grey-bearded, long, flowing, white hair...every last one of them.  And me.  So unless they change the concept of their wizard to a Buddy Hackett/Ed Asner/Bob Hoskins kind of guy...well, it doesn't look good.

Monday I have an audition for, believe it or not, the role of Howard Cunningham in  "Happy Days, The Musical," at a a large Equity house out here.  Can't remember exactly which one it is.  That, I would think, is a little more down my alley.  Heading over to my friends, Don and Donna, to look at some sheet music today in preparation for that.  Donna was, for many years, a professional singer of the highest quality, so she has tons of sheet music.

I haven't had to do the '16 bars of music, short monologue' thing for quite a few years.  Should be interesting.  In fact, the last time I think I was actually asked to audition for a musical in the conventional manner (most of the time, I was simply hired because the producers knew of my work) was way back in my NYC days.  In fact, I don't even have a standard audition song I can pull out of the trunk and use.  Most actors have a bunch of tunes they've worked up that they can fall back on.  Not me.  Haven't auditioned in ages, so I don't have one.  I'll be putting that together this weekend.

Plus, as is my habit, I'll go online and find out all I can about the play.  Best to come in at least a little prepared, I'm figuring.

It's finally cool and agreeable here in The San Fernando Valley again.  Nice breeze, acceptable temperatures. Of course, next week we're heading to Missouri where they're experiencing a massive heat wave.  With any luck that will break before we get there.

Incidentally, the reading for the new video project, the wizard thing, was a variation on Gandalf's final stand at the bridge in Khazad Dum when he faces The Balrog.  "You cannot pass!"  So, if nothing else, I had fun pretending for a bit to be Gandalf, in that, one of my favorite scenes in the three films.

Another good day.  Another chance to be grateful.  Another day with Ange and the puppies.  All is as it should be.

See you tomorrow.