Thursday, October 28, 2010

Plays and Chairs.

I recieved word that Sam French will be going forward with my play, Praying Small.  For my non-theater, gentle readers, Sam French is the publishing house for plays and musicals.  Delightful news.  A little soft money never hurt anyone.

Plans, decisions and support for theGathering Theatre Company are exploding.  Our Advisory Board is in place now (quite impressive, too, if I don't say so myself), our core ensemble is in place, our first public appearance (Sunday, November 7) scheduled and booked.  It's all good.

I had the young Turks over for a reading of my play, Bachelor's Graveyard, this past Tuesday.  Perfectly cast and very talented.  Couldn't ask for a better cast.  And remember, these four were whittled down from about 200 submissions.  Again, it's all good.

Jim and I are meeting with our web advisor today.  Looking forward to that.

And in other, and far more important, news, Angie and I are buying a new chair tomorrow.  Yes, a new chair.  This is the first the public is hearing of it.  The chair has been selected.  The date and time of the purchase confirmed.  The chair is waiting patiently.  All that remains is for us to actually, physically gather up the chair itself.  It's a fine chair.  The kind of chair to write home about.  As chairs go, you might even call it the Michael Jordan of chairs.  It's a chair's chair.  The type of chair other chairs refer to when they talk about the all-time great chairs.  I won't go into details about the chair, I'll let the countenance of the chair speak for itself.  I will say this, however; this chair, if I were on a desert island, would be the chair I would pick.

See you tomorrow.