Friday, June 11, 2010

What's Next...

Interesting evening.  It was our "Special Invited Audience Only Complete with Talkback and Reception" Night.  A mouth full, that one.  Nary a line was called for.  I just said the first and last line of the play and then sat down and opened the floor for questions.

Actually, it wasn't a bad night, overall.  I think the second act lagged but that's just my opinion.  I got a little too comfortable out there and began doing the monologues kind of like that old Wonderful World of Disney Voice Over know the one..."Well, long about this time Ol' Mama Bear started in to lookin' around for her cubs..."  So just to liven things up a bit I started shouting during the tender moments.

Okay.  I didn't do that.  But I did feel like things got a little casual in the second act for my taste.

Here's a cool thing:  Marty Ingalls and Shirley Jones were in attendance.  Yes, Shirley Jones of Partridge Family fame.  Although that's not what impresses me about Shirley Jones.  What impresses me about Shirley Jones is that she did a movie called Bedtime Story with Marlon Brando.  So after the talk-back (a talk-back, for the uninitiated, is when the director, playwright and actors sit onstage and answer questions about the play from the audience following the performance) I chatted with Shirley and Marty (who, incidentally, is a very funny man).  They loved the play, which is a nice thing.  Shirley's opinion of Brando was the same as everyone else that ever worked with him.  She said he could've been our greatest actor, but he just didn't give a shit.

I have to take a serious look at two of the monologues today.  The very same ones that continue to elude me. At this point my theory is if I just say them over and over and over, ad nauseum, maybe something will stick.  I simply cannot memorize them as I would any other piece of writing.  After weeks of trying, it doesn't work.  So now I'm taking the rote method.

I didn't get the "icing on the cake" last night, which is to say, I never really "felt" anything.  It wasn't by any means a cathartic performance for me.  Purely technical with a ton of thinking going on all the time.  What's next, how do I make this point clearer, pick up the pace, stop emoting, pull back, try this here, try that there.  It was that kind of night.

My buddy Jim Petersmith was there.  He was crying when he met me afterwards.  A very rare thing.  So I'm guessing he liked it.

The beautiful and supportive Angie was there and taking care of every need I had before I even asked.  She is the smartest, sexiest, most beautiful girl and partner and fiancee in the world.  I don't deserve her.

A critic from one of the smaller papers, I can't remember which, was there and very complimentary following the show, so I'm guessing we'll get some good press there.  But critics are notoriously unpredictable.  One never knows.

Opening night tonight.  Full house.  A few close friends will be there.  Jimmy Barbour, a couple of others.  Jim and I are raring to go on his one-person show, 3 UPPER, which I'm writing for him.  I think we'll be starting that very soon.  He's finally ready to tell his horrific story.  And I'm ready to write it.

I have some words to look at now.

See you tomorrow.