Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bachelor's Graveyard Cast

The show is cast.  A foursome of fearless, young, fine actors and, of course, the amazing Rob Arbogast.  First read-thru here at the homestead tonight.

We've pushed one of the plays back to December because of scheduling problems (with both actors and the theater).  So on November 7, we go up with a one-night-only, invited audience, reading of Bachelor's Graveyard.  In December we go up with The Promise.

I agonized over casting.  I am speechless at the number of really fine, talented young actors that auditioned for BG.  But after careful and brain-wracking deliberations, we decided on the cast:  Rob Arbogast in the lead role of Chip and four young, wonderful actors, Carmine Dibenedetto, Benjamin Burt, Adam Silver and Otniel Henig.  All four of which have exactly the right look for the play.

So, for the moment anyway, all is right in theatre-land.

The public read will be an exclusive, invitation-only event.  We've decided to start slow and exclusively. 

See you tomorrow.

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